FAQ Candidates

We have outlined some of the more commonly asked questions, if you have any other questions you wish to ask please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How Do I apply?

You can apply for any of the jobs on the website by sending your CV, or alternatively you can email your CV for general assistance if there is not a job that jumps out at you on the website. We can work proactively on your behalf if you have a certain criteria you wish to follow.


What If I don’t have a CV or my CV is not up to date?

All our clients will ask to see an up to date CV or resume, if you do not currently have one, there is assistance on our website on how to go about putting one together.  Don’t worry if you feel your CV could do with some changes, we can advise on that before we put your forward for any role.


How does the relocation process work.

The majority of our clients have specialised relocation teams,  that work with you once the offer has been accepted.  They will organise VISA/work permits, temporary accommodation (if on offer), flights and other necessities.  Once you arrive in the country there is usually some form of induction and assistance with opening bank accounts, advice on schooling etc.


Can my wife/husband/partner work in the location we move to.

This will depend on the location, some countries offer spouse work permits, some countries the spouse will have to find own job and then apply for work permit to be able to work.  We can assist with information on each location to help you make an informed choice.


Do I have to pay for the service?

Our service is completely free to candidates, we work with you from initial interview until you are safely in location


I have already applied direct to the Client, can I reapply through an agency?

Our client’s will only accept applications via ourselves for professionals who haven’t already applied to them directly in the last 6 months.  Please feel free to discuss this with us at the beginning of the process to avoid any duplications of application.

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