Help With Your CV

Help With Your CV



It’s a competitive market out there, agencies and employers receive multiple applications for each role they advertise.  Your CV has one main aim, to get you an interview, so you need to make sure it stands out and catches the attention of the recruiter immediately.

Always make sure your most recent employment details appears on the first page, don’t make it difficult to see why you are right for the role.

Make it relevant, don’t feel that you have to use the same CV for every vacancy you apply to, some positions might require different key skills, tweak your CV to highlight the most important experience you have gained for each specific role.

As a general rule the details below are what we are looking for.

  • Name & Contact Details -Landline Mobile, Email, Skype and so on, and specify your preferred method of contact.
  • Nationality and Passport(s) or Work Permits Held, - being an international recruiter its important for our clients to know what VISA they would have to obtain for you if offering you the position.
  • Current Salary or Expected Salary– Although in the international marketplace salaries vary from country to country, its always good to get an idea of your package as this helps with keeping you informed of the right positions.
  • Profile – A brief summary about yourself and your abilities and experience. This is a chance to show your brand, what you are i.e a Performance Improvement Specialist, an Audit Specialist or whatever is appropriate
  • Qualifications – As we deal in the main with Qualified Level roles, we are interested in your Education from Degree level onwards, and membership of any professional bodies CA, ACCA, CISA and so on.
  • Employment History, list your most recent position first and highlight any specific projects and clients you have worked with that show the depth of your experience.  Also include any achievements you feel are of particular note at each place of employment.
  • Training - with a quickly changing marketplace its good to highlight any specific technical training you have been exposed to in recent years, this shows you are keeping up to date with current legislation and so on.
  • IT Skills. For roles that require advanced technical abilities, it is essential that you include relevant information
  • Interests. Give an idea of your main interests as opposed to a huge list of every hobby you have ever had.
  • Availability – Notice Period, again this is important for our client’s to know in terms of managing the process
  • Motivation – Reason for seeking a move, this is always helpful for us when helping you find the right role.
  • Always remember your CV should make it obvious what it is that you specialise in and when you are updating it, remember to update your LinkedIn profile too to reflect any changes.

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