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Why use a specialist agency?

We are aware that there are many options open to employers looking to recruit staff. We are confident that our service can compliment existing methods of recruitment and have outlined some of the benefits.



  • Wider pool of candidates, we work with both active and passive candidates. In particular our passive candidates will be less likely to be aware of the roles on offer in the open market place. By using a specialist agency in addition to your current methods, you can be sure you are not missing out on key professionals who may be perfect for your role.
  • Specialist at what we do, highly trained in interviewing and screening, therefore saving time for you. Job boards and online methods of recruitment are great, but they also can create a great deal of administration work from sifting CVs to arranging interviews.
  • Support and advice, because we are working with your target market on a daily basis we can be on hand to offer key information on salaries, market trends and availability.
  • Get your message across, by taking the time to work with your agency and letting them understand your firm and what you are looking to achieve with your recruitment, we can make sure we are telling the right people about you so you attract professionals that will fit into your company's culture.
  • Managing the process for you. From initial interview to offer stage to start date, we will be working with you to make sure all goes smoothly, this helps avoid losing out on key candidates to counter offers or competitors.


Where do you source your candidates from?

We source the majority of our candidates through personal recommendation or professionals who have used us in previous years that are now looking to make their next move. In addition we use various niche job boards, social media such as our Facebook page and Linkedin Groups to keep our candidates up to date about whats happening in the market place.


What are your Terms & Conditions/Fees

Please email our director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of our terms and conditions.


When do we pay for your Service?

We do not charge anything until the candidate has started in the role.

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